Everything you need to make Matchstick Models

In a very handy bucket



Matchstick Buckits is one mans job, mine. Can't walk far, or stand up for long. This is what I do in my garden shed, has kept me reasonably sane over the last 30 odd years. Calms my mind, eases my anger.


For the past two years I have built a collection of pieces from memory creating plans from finished results, including any ammendments to correct any design flaws.


I put together what I called Matchstick Buckits everything you need to make each design, in a handy bucket.


Awaiting response from funding sources to launch website and have small public workshop, where I can design and build more models, with a Vlog of me making each section of the detailed plans.


Hopefully funded by sales of Buckits Under £30 each, versions for under 16s